The Compassion Interviews: Dr. Rick Hanson

Dr. Rick Hanson is one of my favorite teachers. Author of Hardwiring Happiness and Buddha’s Brain, Dr. Hanson is an expert of the intersection of neuroscience, psychology, and contemplative practices.

In this interview we discuss:

  • How to “wake down” from deadness, numbness, or oppression
  • How compassion is a strength that develops courage
  • The difference between wanting and liking, and how this difference can make your life heaven or hell
  • How to aspire without attachment
  • How Dr. Hanson is a real-life version of Ender from Ender’s Game


Dr. Hanson was generous enough to answer some questions on the intersection of neuroscience, quantum physics, and enlightenment. I’ve included his answers below. Anyone interested in neuroscience, quantum physics, or enlightenment will find this an accessible, yet deep analysis of the science of higher consciousness. For advanced seekers, I hope this provides a lucid roadmap to enlightenment.

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