Private Sessions

I offer both 1 hour and 1/2 hour office visit, video skype or telephone sessions. I work with men, women and couples. to bring compassion, mindfulness, gratitude and peace into their lives. My areas of expertise are helping men find refuge and showing women how to make their partners more compassionate.

Peace in Marriage Coaching is for you if

  • you can’t find peace or sanctuary in your life
  • you are so overburdened in life that you can’t enjoy your relationship anymore
  • you are open-minded and willing to work on your relationship
  • you may have tried traditional couple’s counseling or couple’s communication courses with limited or no success
  • you or your partner resist any kind of traditional couple’s counseling due to skepticism or time constraints
  • you or your partner have threatened to end the relationship, yet you resist because you feel there is something special about your relationship
  • you are looking for peace in all aspects of your life

Peace in Marriage Coaching is for NOT you if

  • you are in an abusive relationship. I suggest you immediately exit this relationship and seek professional help.
  • you suffer from a disorder that requires therapy or medical help
  • you are suicidal

May you find peace and joy. May you be free from suffering.

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