. . . praise

gary heine“Each time I’m counseled by Kozo Hattori, I discover magic, surprise, new perspectives and deep healing.  He continues to be a powerful guide and witness to help illuminate the path of my life’s purpose. I love how Kozo works to help me remember who I am.”

~Gary Heine Louisville, KY

“My sessions with Kozo have been potent and deeply affirming. The support and guidance I received has had long lasting results as I feel that his counseling comes from a genuine source of care and kindness.”

~A. Seidman Santa Cruz, CA

“ One of the things I appreciate most about Kozo as a counselor is how unflinchingly he meets our ever-present but often unacknowledged shadow sides with compassion, acceptance and presence.  Working with Kozo, I felt seen as a man, acknowledged, and supported in the struggles we face as men but for which we get little recognition.”

~Matt Russell Sacramento, CA

Father Richard Rohr“Kozo, you’ve got a beautiful heart, and you know how to ask the right questions. When you have a good heart and a good mind, you’re going to do a lot of good with this, so I’m happy to hand it on to you.”

~Father Richard Rohr New Mexico


Micheal Goodman“Kozo’s ability to listen with compassion on a consistent basis, has allowed me to speak freely about my feelings (I feel confident, and I am not worried that I will be judged)… and it has allowed me to connect to source without any effort. Experiencing these kinds of interactions has allowed me to know that being compassionate towards one another is not just an important trait we inherit as human beings, but rather being compassionate instead of being reactive  is the way to go.”

~Michael Goodman Los Angeles, CA

“Kozo, you are truly ONE in 7 billion and I’m so glad you share who you are.”

~Dusty Yao Marin, CA

“Meeting you has been a wonderful part of my life, and you’ve helped me grow and heal in so many ways.  Words alone could never show my gratitude for your gifts.”

~Rara Martinez Tustin, CA

“Kozo lives and breathes compassion and has a lot to teach the world.”

~Leigh Plummer Fort Worth, TX

“Kozo Hattori has demonstrated to me that he is an intelligent, caring, and compassionate family man. He is deeply committed to learning what it takes to have peace within himself, his family, and the world, and in sharing what he has learned so that others may benefit. He strives to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. He is authentic, honest and unfailingly self- revealing. In numerous small ways he has helped me remember the important things in life – gratitude, compassion, and kindness.”

~A. Armstrong Vancouver, Canada

“Thank you for adding UV (Universal Value) to my life by sharing insightful, practical examples from your life experience. You taught me that anyone can overcome limitations, rise to the occasion and be an “everyday guru” by simply following our hearts, cultivating compassion and being mindful moment to moment. Your life stories inspire us all, and leads to meaningful dialog for self awareness and peace. Thank you for helping us remember who we truly are deep down. We all want the same thing in this world: to love, grow from our experiences and be happy. I got that and so much more from your direct experiences, your spiritual living laboratory creates a sacred space for all of us to reflect upon our own lives. All of us can change for the better and help each other grow consciously. With love in our hearts, this is the only chance for peace in the world, lead the way chief!”
~M. Walsh New York, New York

At the root of us all, we want peace. This concept may be hard for some of us to understand at first. Then, you take a step back, notice all of the violence going on in the world today, and it makes us want to change – or do something.

This was my case about a year ago. Being a parent, I saw a need to try to stop certain events from transpiring. I longed for peace in my life and the life of my family. These thoughts grew into actions when I met Kozo.

Not only has Kozo helped band a movement together working towards peace, he has also helped a lot of us individually. I find myself being less judgmental, getting less angry at trivial matters, and helping others even more than I was before.
Many of us can feel cursed at times and stuck in our ways. Meeting someone as special as Kozo allowed me to “reverse the curse” so to speak. If you want peace in your life, all you have to do is let it in. So have a talk with my friend, you’ll be glad you did.”
~ J. Weston