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List of Services

My intention for myself and you is nothing short of full-blown awakening or the embodiment of self-actualized, completely human, whole-heartedness. I believe this is our natural state. When we return to this set point, our lives flow with the present and all that exists.

Private Sessions

I offer private sessions over the phone, in person, or video Skype. In these private sessions we delve into the causes of discord in your life and set up a daily practice that will bring more peace and joy into your world. Email me at kozo@peaceinrelationship.com to schedule a consultation.

What you will get in every session:

  • Deep awareness of what is causing the stress and conflict in your life. I will support you as you delve into the core issues that are keeping you from peace of mind and body.
  • Practical tools to shift the patterns of negativity and dis-ease in your life. I draw on research from neuroscience, mindfulness, and compassion to disperse custom made practices to help you change your perspective, attitude, and happiness.
  • Aid in healing of the wounds from your past that prevent you from being a self-actualized, wholehearted human being. I use a variety of interventions and healing practices from psychosomatics, reparenting, re-evaluation counseling, and compassion cultivation to get to the root of your suffering and help you heal.

” One of the things I appreciate most about Kozo as a counselor is how unflinchingly he meets our ever-present but often unacknowledged shadow sides with compassion, acceptance and presence. Working with Kozo, I felt seen as a man, acknowledged, and supported in the struggles we face as men but for which we get little recognition.”

~Matt Russell Sacramento, CA


$0.00/hour All services are given freely.

In the spirit of generosity, someone who came before you gifted your session. After your session, it is your opportunity to pay-it-forward for a future client and continue the circle of giving.

For more information on gift ecology, check out this article in the Good Men Project.

Peace in Relationship Coaching is for you if (one or many may apply)

  • Someone or something in your life is making you miserable, but you have no way to change them since they refuse to cooperate.
  • You find yourself being either a brute/bully or a wimp/pushover, and you don’t like being either. You are looking for a new way to be in the world that will get your needs met without hurting others.
  • You are losing control of your desires, cravings, wants, or addictions to the point that these hungers cause you more pain than pleasure.
  • Your anger is like a fire that gets out of control, burning you and those around you.
  • Someone you love has threatened to leave you unless you learn to control your behavior
  • You find yourself getting sucked into a vortex of negativity due to one or two small events during your day
  • You just want to find peace in your hectic life

Peace in Relationship Coaching is for NOT you if

  • you are in an abusive relationship. I suggest you immediately exit this relationship and seek professional help.
  • you suffer from a disorder that requires therapy or medical help
  • you are suicidal

May you find peace and joy. May you be free from suffering.

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Healing With Aloha Online Class

Year Round


Healing with Aloha is a self-paced online class that attempts to share the healing power of the Hawaiian practice of Aloha. Each module of this five part series explores a piece of Auntie Pilahi Paki’s notion of Aloha as an acronym: Akahai (kindness), Lōkahi (Unity), ´Olu´Olu (Agreeableness), Ha´aha´a (Humility), and Ahonui (Patience).

In July of 2015, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Colorectal Cancer. I had a 7 cm tumor in my intestinal track. The doctors wanted to immediately start chemo and radiation followed by surgery, but I chose to pursue a path of wellness by following alternative treatments including Hawaiian healing arts. What I found is a healing that went far beyond my body. This dis-ease called cancer lead me to an ease and peace that encompasses all parts of my life including my relationships, my psychological wellbeing, and my spiritual connectedness with Nature, God, and Community.

Healing with Aloha is a space were we can explore this comprehensive healing by tapping into the circle wisdom of everyone who cares to show up. I invite you to join in whatever capacity feels comfortable and offer your presence and gifts to the whole.

In the spirit of Aloha this class is given freely with an opportunity to pay it forward. Feel free to invite anyone who might be suffering from dis-ease in their life whether that be physical (cancer, terminal illnesses, chronic pain or conditions), psychological (depression, loneliness, isolation, grief), or spiritual (hopelessness, lack of purpose, boredom, ennui).

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Empowerment Group for Men

Monthly meetings on the second Monday of every month from 7-8:30 PM. Contact me at kozo@peaceinrelationships.com for more info.

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Raising Compassionate Boys

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