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“Compassion protects you more than guns, bombs, and money.”~Thich Nhat Hanh
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I offer my life and services to men and parents who need compassion in their lives.

I am a man and a father who has made many mistakes in life. At a certain point, I realized that all the suffering in my life, both my own suffering and the suffering of those around me, stemmed from a lack of compassion.

From that point on, I made compassion a priority in my life. As a man raised to be “tough” to survive in a “dog-eat-dog” world, cultivating compassion did not come easy for me. But the more compassion I felt both for others and myself, the more joy, love, and happiness I experienced.

Being a father of two sons, I don’t want my sons to be duped into forsaking their compassion in order to “be a man,” so I made it a priority to raise them to be compassionate. Making compassion a priority in our lives has deepened our relationship, our love, and our happiness.

As you can see, I am a compassion convert. I offer my life and services to men and parents who need compassion in their lives. I would love for others to experience the freedom, strength, and joy of living a life full of compassion.

My intention for myself and you is nothing short of full-blown awakening or the embodiment of self-actualized, completely human, whole-heartedness. I believe this is our natural state. When we return to this set point, our lives flow with the present and all that exists.

“My sessions with Kozo have been potent and deeply affirming. The support and guidance I received has had long lasting results as I feel that his counseling comes from a genuine source of care and kindness.”~A. Seidman, Santa Cruz, CA